'I studied Fine Art at Bath Spa University graduating in 2006, and after some time out and having a child, I am very excited now to be able to return to painting.'

Lisa's paintings in oil explore the ephemeral aspects of light in effecting mood and spirit.  Through photography abstract moments of light are captured.  The quality of light informs the painting - sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly - in creating a mood and a space for contemplation.


She is reinterpreting the prospect that the metaphysical can be represented visually, inspired by the likes of Kandinsky and Rothko for thier ambitions to capture the spiritual in art, her work offers a space outside of the material world and at the same time holds on to the gentle subtelties of light.


The work captivates and invites you to stop, reflect and be absorbed into the painting.

Solo show

May 2014


Tripping the Light Fantastic,  Bath Artists Studios Gallery


Group shows


Pound Arts Open, The Pound, Corsham: Prizewinner



May/June, Fringe Arts Bath Open Prize, Bath




Exposure, Chapel Row Gallery, Bath




Christmas Show, Galanthus Gallery, Hereford

50 Wessex Artists, Brewhouse Gallery, Taunton

Colour and Chemistry, Sherbourne House, Dorset

Bath Plug, Free Range Graduate Show, Brick Lane, London

Degree Show, Bath Spa University




Looking into the Surface, Widcombe Studios Gallery, Bath




Evolver Magazine front cover, May/June 2014 (Issue 81)

50 Wessex Artists, Evolver Books, 2006